Monday, January 31, 2011

Easy bird feeders

One of Bo's new favorite shows is called Wild Animal Babies. It is about some animal babies a skunk named Sammy, a beaver named Benita, a rabbit named Skippy and a owl named Izzi. They have a teacher or mentor named Miss Sally and I think she is a salamander. Every episode they explore different kinds of animals. Bo's favorite episodes they explore elk(of course), hippos, giraffes, and zebras. I even learn new things about the animals. They also show real kids learning about nature.

On one episode they showed the kids making bird feeders to feed the winter birds. It looked so simple and fun I had to try it. You take a bagel and cut it in half spread peanut butter on one side of it then dip it in bird seed. Then hang it from a tree with string for the birds to eat.

I went to my moms house and we made them with some of the grandkids.
Looks like fun. The date was wrong on my camera

We didn't hang ours in a tree because we have a little bird that stops by our porch looking for things to eat so we put it on our railing. I tied it to the post in case a big bird tries to take off with it. Hahaha.

This was a very fun and easy craft to make with the kids. They were so excited to make them and hang them up then watch for birds to come and eat their bird feeder.

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