100 Things

I saw this on a few blogs and I thought it was fun. So here is mine:

1-I am the oldest of 5 kids
2-I am married to a great guy
3-I met my husband at a Texas Hold 'Em Poker game
4-We were only engaged 6 days before we got married.
5- We have a 2 year old little boy
6-We have 2 Yorkshire Terrier dogs
7- I love to do puzzles
8-I am a stay at home mom and I work from home
9- I HATE to be wrong
10-I was 30 the first time I flew on an airplane
11-One of my favorite things to do EVERY SINGLE DAY is go get the mail!
12-I HATE when the mail doesn't come
13-I love to travel
14-I love sauce! I eat most foods just to eat the sauce with it. An example is hot sauce. I use 3 to 4 packets per taco or burrito from Del Taco or Taco Bell ect.
15-I HATE mushrooms and onions
16-I chose to have my son Cesarean Section. I knew having a child would hurt one way or the other so I wanted to choose my pain. There was no way I wanted to squeeze him out the other way!!
17-I have never lived farther than 115 miles away from my home town
18-We now live in my home town
19-I HATE the feel of cotton balls! When I touch them it gives me the chills and I want to lay on the floor and curl into a ball
20-Chickens and Turkeys scare me
21-I LOVED being pregnant
22-I have been out of the country twice soon to be three times: Bahamas and Mexico and Mexico again in May
23-My favorite pop is Pepsi
24-I haven't drank Pepsi for almost 3 years now or any soda pop
25-I love to watch NFL football with my husband Tracy
26-I watch football by myself when Tracy is at work
27-We are Broncos fans but my second favorite is the Patriots
28-My favorite TV show was Friends.
29-I cried on the last episode of Friends.
30-I have all 10 seasons for Friends on DVD but I rarely watch season 10 because I know it ends there
31-I HAVE to put my left sock on before my right and my left shoe on before my right. If I don't they feel weird and I have to take them off and try again.
32-My current favorite TV show is the new 90210
33-I loved Beverly Hills 90210 too
34-My favorite sport is Basketball
35-I played basketball in high school and my freshman year of college
36-I love pictures, my house is decorated mostly with pictures of our family. I think why buy a picture of someone I don't know when I can put up pics of people I love
37-I grew up on a farm
38-I was told I would never have children
39-My son is a miracle baby
40-We only use chemical free products in our home
41-I am a stepmom. 
42-My 14 year old stepdaughter just started to live with us July of 2010
43-Purple is my favorite color
44-I count everything. Everything I look at I count something about it like how many windows a building has
45-My favorite number is 3
46- I like all numbers that will divide by 3
47-I love the smell of rain
48-I love to leave the windows open during a thunder storm
49-My favorite and best Grandma isn't a blood relative, she is my mom's friends' mom. But she has been the best Grandma to me!
50-I love teeth
51-I am a Dental Assistant
52-I love to learn
53-I want to visit all 50 states. 13 down 37 more to go
54-Camping is one of my favorite things to do in the summer
55-My favorite food is Mexican
56-I have my own horse
57-Being a mom is the greatest blessing of my life
58-I don't really remember what I did all day before I had my little man
59-I actually enjoy doing laundry
60-I hate to vacuum
61-Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday
62-I rafted down the Grand Canyon
63-I almost drowned on the Grand Canyon
64-I Do Not like to have my head under water as a result of  #63
65-I love to laugh
66-I am very protective of my family
67-I love to play in the ocean of course with my head above the water :)
68-I broke both my arms at the same time when  I was 9 by jumping out of a swing
69-I didn't have any wisdom teeth
70-I HATE driving in the snow
71-I love peanut butter
72-My husband is 8 years older than me
73-I LOVE my Blackberry
74-I dropped my Blackberry in the toilet(it was flushed luckily!) 2 times in the same week and it still worked. My husband now calls it my poo berry
75-I love to cook
76-I don't like to bake
77-I am a Electrologist
78-I love to plant flowers in the spring
79-I love to plant a vegetable garden in the spring
80-I enjoy bottling fresh food out of my garden
81-One of my favorite foods is a tomato sandwich
82-One of my hobby's is painting ceramics
83-I started to do a lot of vinyl lettering projects too for my house
84-I am really close to my brothers and sisters and their families
85-I broke(trained) my own horse when I was 16
86-I like to hunt
87-I shot an elk this September
88-I use the best lotion known to man on this planet!! It's true, it has been tested this isn't just my opinion
89-Slow Internet connections REALLY REALLY irritate me!
90-I have the best parents in the World!
91-I collect salt and pepper shakers
92-I have always wanted to go to Maine and Oregon
93-I know I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who loves me!
94-Top Gun, The Man from Snowy River, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Pretty Woman are some of my all time favorite movies
95-This has taken me longer than I thought it would to write 100 things about me
96-I love the smell of puppy breathe
97-Fords are my favorite make of Truck
98-I like it when Bo comes to our room in the night to get in bed with us!  
99-Going to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned is one of my favorite things to do!
100-Being a wife and mom is my greatest blessing!!