Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Family Pictures

So it has taken me awhile to get my new family pictures on here. This summer has been so busy with gardening, playing with Bo, Family reunions, and normal everyday stuff.

I loved how these pictures turned out. The photographer did such a great job! She was great with Bo and they best part is she put ALL the pictures on the disc for me for the same amount.

We took the pictures on our property that my parents gave us when we got married. We want to build a house up here in the NEAR future.

Our whole family. Bonnie, Foxy, Freddie, Bo and Tracy

This is so cute of Freddie

I love this shot. Bo and Freddie in the back and Foxy at my feet.

First stage of a pout

Full on pout. I love that she caught this!

I guess it took a lot out of him to get his picture taken. He was so good for the shoot.

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