Monday, June 6, 2011

Cool things for my yard

My husband is such a clever inventor! He has made us so many cute handy things for our yard and house. His latest is a sprinkler for our garden that is tall so when the plants get big they will still get water from our sprinkler. We planted most of our garden on black plastic so we wouldn't have so many weeds to weed this year. We don't have rows for them so we needed to use a sprinkler to water them. He was explaining to me what he was going to make and I couldn’t picture what he was talking about very well. But when he made it I thought he was so inventive!

The second one is a bird feeder for our tree. In the winter we put our bird food on our deck and we enjoyed watching the birds come in and eat the food. But now we can’t keep it on our railing anymore. We looked around at some different kinds of bird feeders in stores but didn’t see one that we really thought would work. So he made this one and it is so cute. We didn’t know if any birds would eat out of it or not. But today I saw some in it eating! We were so excited.
I think this is so cute! He used a tree branch and then he had some tin canister in the garage he used and we painted blue.

It's kind of hard to see the bird. It's on the left side on the edge of the blue part. It kind of has a yellowish belly.

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