Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime fun

One of the best things about summer is all the activities you can do as a family. We love to spend time as a family.

We went to Mexico in May and had a great time. I was a little nervous about the whole airport/flying thing  with Bo but he was a little trooper. We didn't have any trouble at the airport or customs with him. The flight attendants all told us how good he was. I loved being able to show Bo a new place and discover things we don't get to see everyday. We went and played with the dolphins and he absolutely loved them. He liked the beach but he wasn't going anywhere near the ocean! He kept his eye on it while we were playing on the beach and wouldn't let us get to close to it.

I think the summertime activity that we like the most though is camping! We all love to camp. I don't really know why it is so fun but it is. We went to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes last week and had so much fun. Bo is a little dare devil and he thought it was so much fun to ride the four wheeler around on the big dunes. He wasn't scared one little bit. I was scared a little bit though. Daddy is a great driver and I knew we were safe with him driving but being a mom I think I have become part chicken. Daddy grew up going to the sand dunes and he loves being able to share them with Bo.

Running to Momma!

We got off the four wheeler and took off our shoes and played in the sand. This was so much fun and it is what Bo enjoyed the most. We brought some of his toys with us out there and drove them down the big tall sand hills. Then Bo would scoot down them on his bottom. Both Tracy and I would walk down the dunes with him and then we would have to walk back up to the top. What a work out!

Bo's cute little foot and hand prints

 We even took our dogs. Foxy had puppies and I didn't want to leave them home while we were gone. They all did so well. It was a great summertime activity for us!

Bo snuggling one of the puppies

We were the only people out on the dunes and we had so much family fun. I love my family so much.

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