Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Appreciation

I have a new appreciation of my mom and moms with more than one child! I recently watched my brother's kids for 3 1/2 days while him and his wife are with my parents and my sister and her husband in Mexico for 9 days on a tour. I will have them again on Sunday night until Tuesday morning. There are 2 boys, 3 and almost 2 and a girl 5. My little guy is 2. So I had 4 little kids home ALL. DAY. LONG with me. They are good kids and they played so good together. Bo loved having them to play with. He usually only gets to play with me most of the time. I know that if I had 4 little kids like this it probably would have been easier as they usually come one at a time and you grow with your kids. But all at once is an eye opener for sure! I didn't go anywhere for the 3 days until my stepdaughter Brooke got home from school. Then I would hurry and run to the post office and home again. I did not want to load up 4 kids in the cold and leave for 5 minutes and then come home. 
Their other Grandma came to watch them for a few days and when she picked them up Bo cried and cried. He misses his cousins he asks me when are they coming back.
This has been a great experience for us both and I am thankful for it!!
Just out of the tub. Bo on the Right cousin on the left

Lunch time at the Zoo!

They really did play so well together. It was so cute to watch and hear them play.



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