Monday, February 14, 2011

Cookies and Bo

For Christmas my brother and sister-in-law gave me come cookie cutters and a recipe for sugar cookies. The cookie cutters were so cute! Some were animals: a cat, dog, duck, pig, and a cow. Then the alphabet and numbers.

I thought it would be fun to make some sugar cookies and then take them around to all of Bo's cousins and grandma and grandpa.

First I need to tell you that I am NOT a baker!!! I don't really make cookies. Tracy doesn't like sweets and I don't like to make them so we get a long great!

But I thought oh this will be fun and Bo will like to make them. And this is what good moms do with their kids.

I mixed up the dough and remembered I didn't have a rolling pin. So we head to the store in town, only to discover they don't have rolling pins. So I head to the other store in town and nope they don't have one either. So I learned that you cannot buy a rolling pin in my small town I live in.

My little sister happened to mention that she made sugar cookies and she didn't have a rolling pin either so she used the saran wrap roll to roll out the cookies. So that is what I used too. So glad she mentioned that!

Anyway after much trial and error I finally got the cookies cut out and baked! Now came the frosting and all the fun!

 We had a lot of fun making cookies! We made each person the letter their name starts with and then we made them each 2 animals. Bo loved it and he talked about each family member as we made their cookies. I did buy a rolling pin at Wal Mart so now I am prepared for the next cookie day!


  1. Looks like he had a lot of fun. My youngest son loves helping me in the kitchen as well. I found you on Made By You Mondays and am now following you.


  2. So much fun! Loved the pics!

    Bernadette - new follower