Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nice Weather and pig slop

Wow today is so beautiful outside! There is not much wind and it is sunny. I have been waiting for this kind of weather all spring!

Because of the nice weather I thought it would be fun to have a picnic outside with Bo for lunch. Bo doesn't really eat sandwiches and we have our two dogs, Freddie and Foxy, that would be wanting a bite of our food if we sat on the grass. So I moved his little table and chairs out onto our deck and we ate lunch.
Bo is eating his favorite, Pig Slop. Pig slop is his daddy's favorite food. It is macaroni and tomato juice. I don't really know how it got the name pig slop but that is what we call it and Bo has been loving it lately.  I had a cheese quesadilla and Del Taco hot sauce. Yum!
It was so bright outside especially since his table was white so we had to get his shades on.

After lunch we walked down to the library and checked out a few new books to read this week. I am really hoping the weather stays nice like this.

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