Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chemical Free Products

I have totally converted our home to chemical free products!!

I no longer have to worry if Bo is going to get into my cleaners. That is such a huge relief. If he does I know he won't die or have long term or permanent damage. He will probably throw up or have diarrhea but hey I can handle that!! :) They are also safe for my dogs. I don't have to worry either when I clean if the fumes I am breathing are going to be harmful to me or make me passout.

It's not just cleaning products I have changed but also my Bath and Body products, Over the counter medicines, my make-up and the vitamins I take.

These products are all Eco-friendly- the company is very environmentally conscious and uses less packaging and no water fillers. Each product has a comparable grocery store brand that performs just as well (if not BETTER) than leading brands!

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