Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love is spelled TIME

I recently read a title of a book called To a child, love is spelled T-I-M-E. I really started thinking about that statement about how true that really is. I thought back to my own childhood and my most fond memories were when my mom and dad would play with me, or when we would work side by side, or when we went on vacation and all of us were in the car for hours just talking and getting to know one another.
I thought of Bo and how I spend time with him. I am blessed to be able to be at home with him everyday. I see him wake up and I love to rock him to sleep at night. I treasure these times with him while he is little I know I will never get them back. My mom says you can’t have quality time without quantity time. Here are some of my ways I spend time with my 2 year old son.
1-      Read together. This is our favorite activity to do.
2-      Sit on the floor and play cars, truck, animals, or whatever they are playing
3-      Sing songs either ones you know or make up your own and sing them in a funny voice
4-      Go for walks and point out the trees, rocks, flowers, clouds
5-      When you go for car rides talk to them about what you see outside like animals, the different cars you see, or the scenery
6-      I love to hold him while he is napping and just soak up his love. Sometimes I just sit and hold him for his whole nap, I don’t get a lot done on these days but it is definitely worth it!
Bo plays really well by himself but he will come and get me when I am on the computer, doing dishes or folding clothes. I know that when he does this that he needs me and my time. I stop what I am doing and go and play with him doing whatever he wants to do. Sometimes I need him to remind me that what I am doing at the moment isn’t the most important thing but spending time with him is. Of course there are times when what I am doing can’t wait but most things can.
I hope this gave you some ideas on ways to spend time with your child

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  1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for that reminder! That's exactly why working from home is so appealing! Have a great day!